Sunday Sep 25, 2022

Send messages that vanish after being viewed, as a private note:



Private note enables you to send messages that vanish. You can only access the capability of disappearing messages through private note. You only need to write and send messages to the recipients you like; however, once they have been read, the messages automatically vanish. You can set the messages to vanish whenever you like. After they are dispatched, it may be a second, a minute, an hour, 24 hours, 7 days, or 90 days afterwards. You can send any kind of communication using a private note without worrying about it being seen by the public.

With a private note, the sender can decide for how long the recipient may keep or view the messages they receive before both the sender and the recipient delete them. You can control which messages should vanish and which ones shouldn’t using this feature on a per-message basis.


By choosing Age, Private Note also allows you to precisely regulate how and when a communication should vanish. You can choose the Age (time period) that the message will remain shown for. You can use one of the three time periods or all three, depending on the option you select.

After being sent, vanish N seconds later:

Regardless of whether the recipient has received or read the message, the sender can configure the message to expire after a certain period of time. After a message has been sent by the sender, you can make it vanish in N seconds.

N seconds after delivery, vanish:

After being read by the recipients, the messages can be scheduled to expire at a specific time by the sender. This guarantees that the message will only vanish once the receiver has received it, giving them time to read the message. Nevertheless, whether the recipient has read the message or not, it will still be erased. After a message has been sent by the sender for N seconds, you can make it vanish.

After N seconds, vanish Read:

The sender can specify a time for the messages to expire, but only after the recipients have read them. After a message has been seen by the recipient, you can make it vanish in N seconds.


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